The cuisine of the Belluno Dolomites

The cuisine of the Belluno Dolomites is a high mountain cuisine rich of natural, simple and genuinely cooked products as handed down by the culinary tradition of the area. It is influenced by both the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire: it is this mix of history and traditions that makes it “unique” of its kind.

Belluno gastronomy is closely connected to the strong flavors of cheeses and meats. Among the first courses, often well paired with game ragout, venison and roe deer in the first place, the most characteristic of the area are polenta and mushrooms.

Game accompanied by polenta is also the main character in the second courses. Take the opportunity to taste the main courses including the “pastin” alla Bellunese, made with minced pork or beef, to which lard, spices, aromas and wine are added; the “schiz”, fried cheese on a bed of onions and milk; and then the “figadet”, a liver sausage to which raisins are added; and finally the “pendule”, strips of smoked meat obtained from the tasty meats of sheep, horses, donkeys or goats.

Among the side dishes you can indulge yourself: not to be missed are the Cesiomaggiore potato, the PGI Lamon bean, the “mama” of Alpago and the Piave DOP cheese. For evenings with a high taste in food and wine, the province of Belluno has a wide range of highly qualified and holder of the Michelin or Gambero Rosso certification.